Desert Provisions and The Housewarming Project

There are many elements to starting a new business that I love, meeting new people, constantly learning and knowing that everyday will be different, but hands down my favorite part of starting The Housewarming Project is sourcing products. I do my best to work with local vendors who are making amazing products. I find new vendors through research, recommendations and attending farmers markets and pop up shops. I had the absolute pleasure of working with Desert Provisions out of Tucson Arizona to provide unique and tasty salts. I fell in love with Desert Provisions because they are not only women-owned but located in Arizona, just like The Housewarming Project. Amanda and Alex from Desert Provisions create the most amazing salts and powders inspired by Arizona. Some of The Housewarming Project’s first products were Desert Provisions; Hatch Green Chile Salt, Hatch Red Chile Salt and the Sonoran Sea Salt. We have had customers from all over the United States create the perfect gift incorporating the different salts. I helped one customer create the perfect gift for his boss who loves to cook, all three salts were a hit! If you have a product that you think would be a great fit for The Housewarming Project please email