My Backyard

Where does The Housewarming team get SH*T done? 

I get motivated and inspired by surrounding myself with hustlers. With the pandemic I struggled to find the perfect place to work and get that inspirational rush. Below are my top spots in Arizona to work from.




Maybe the cutest little coffee meets market meets bar right in my backyard. I found this quaint little space right after I moved to Scottsdale and the best part… live music on Thursdays! 

vintage arcadia



If you don't know yet, I have two bernedoodles that are my favorite little things in the world, MOOSE AND OTTER! I love working from home because I get to play with my pups at any time. When I found Trevors I was so thrilled, open space, dog friendly and yummy cocktails. I love working at Trevors after 2pm so I can enjoy a cold IPA and get some work done.

SIP Coffee and Beer

I received a DM from a sip coffee and beer who were hosting a fun community event. Yoga, local vendors and good food. I was thrilled to set up a booth and meet the amazing community of Sip Coffee and Beer. I have since worked many weekends at this cool space that focuses on our community which is my BREAD AND BUTTER.