Maker of the Month- My July

“We are on a mission to take care of our bodies, skin, and the planet.” Meet My July: our Maker of the Month here at The Housewarming Project for–you guessed it– July! Featuring natural skincare products from homemade remedies, these products are perfect for feel-good gifting. 

My July was originally founded by Micaela and her mother, Dawn, with the purpose of creating safe and gentle skincare products after Micaela was diagnosed with Lyme disease. For Micaela, July represents “the feeling of a carefree summer, the sense of well-being, safety, and tranquility”. From there, the name My July was born. You can feel the love and care Micaela and Dawn put into each and every My July product, making this skincare line a truly thoughtful sympathy gift. With body butter names like “Serenity Now” and “Jar of Cozy”, My July fully embodies the idea of a caring home. These body butters, along with the “Paris” face mist add a personal touch to corporate gifting–and emphasize client appreciation.

My July emphasizes the value they place on ethical skincare: first up on their values is the guarantee that all of My July’s products are “sustainable, conscious, vegan, and cruelty-free”. This attitude towards skin care ensures not just all-natural ingredients, but also that our skin is treated “with love and kindness”. Whether you are searching for a little self-care, or in need of a thoughtful gift, be sure to check out My July’s skincare products here at The Housewarming Project!