Maker of the Month- ElizabethW

ElizabethW defines itself as a truly local perfumery.  Our environmental consciousness is directed towards the principles of sustainable sourcing, quality ingredients, well-being, and aesthetics.  We have been keeping things simple and local since the 1800s when Elizabeth Wightman hitched up the family wagon to head out West and become a rancher in the Sierras.

Today, we handcraft our luxury collections for bath, body, and home in our California workshop, with our flagship boutique at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco.  Our carbon footprint is minimal.  Our artisans live close by and walk to work;  keeping our business in the city, we create and secure local jobs to support families within our community.

Since the beginning, our central focus has been to avoid animal-derived additives in making bath and body products such as Bath Oils and Bath Salts.  Nor do we test on animals.  Our Body Lotions, Hand Lotions, and Body Creams are paraben free and phytalate free.  Our fragrances contain essential oils and the products have numerous beneficial ingredients such as Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Cucumber, Seaweed and more.

Our packaging, made in house on vintage letterpresses, can be recycled and encourages sustainability.  It meets FSC standards for the protection of forests and their ecosystems; harvest waste is minimized, water and animal habitats are protected, and every acre harvested is replenished.

For the home, we use 100% soy/vegetable wax and lead-free wicks in our Perfume Candles.  Our new Closet Solutions offer undyed, natural linens in Drawer Liners, Hanger Sachets, Sweater Cases and more.  Clean and simple, these indulgent gifts and amenities are filled with the best grade of natural lavender, free from allergens and not genetically modified.  Organic cotton closet solutions are also available in the same items.


There are many ways of going green.  Living life locally, elizabethW strives to do its part.

About elizabethW 

Formerly an architect, Albert Nichols named his San Francisco perfumery after Elizabeth Wightman, his great-grandmother, the inspiration for his business. Established as a traditional perfumery, the elizabethW brand has expanded to include exquisite and original collections for bath, body, and home, through the founder's commitment to quality fragrances, superb ingredients, and innovative design.  Uniquely elizabethW, all products are designed by Albert and created onsite in his San Francisco workshop.   

elizabethW is available at and fine spas, boutiques, and hotels nationwide.