How I Built My Community in Scottsdale

I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2020 right before COVID shut down everything. I started taking Shopify classes and launched my business is 2022 and opened by first brick and mortar shop shortly after. It was LONELY, scary, exciting, really all the highs and lows of the unknown and I didn't know who to lean on. I knew I needed to create a safe space to ask questions, vent, and be up lifted so I reached out to businesses in Scottsdale...simply asking would you be open to meeting for coffee?

I am beyond grateful for the business owners who said yes. Jenni from Light and Bark Candles was one of the first businesses I reached out to and we became fast friends. Chatting about growing our businesses, hire employees and how to stay motivated. After hearing Alex from CHIN UP DONUTS speak at a Scottsdale Chambers event I reached out to her and similarly we became close right away. It was so nice to have an outlet with people in different stages of their business being open to sharing contacts, ideas and pain points. As a new mom and business owner I recently connected with Jessica from Ruze Cake House a mother, entrepreneur and wife. To connect with business owners through out Scottsdale has been a game changer for me and my business.

Trust me, I got a lot of NO's when I reached out to people on instagram,  I don't have time, I don't know how I would help, I have never heard of your business but I didn't let that stop me I continued to reach out to businesses and today I am lucky to have three female owned business owner's that I can lean on for the good, the bad and the ugly!