Housewarming Gifts

We started The Housewarming Project two years ago when I moved in with my boyfriend at the time. I moved from Manhattan Beach, LA to Scottsdale Arizona and had so many friends who sent me bottles of champagne and flowers (which of course I drank and loved) but thought, what if there was a go to store of practical goods for your home that people could easily gift. So I created The Housewarming Project, and here we are. We help you create the perfect gift... now for all occasions not just housewarming. But let's get back to the basics, of housewarming gifts and what I have found to be the most popular, loved and useful. When I prepare a housewarming gift box I look at three things, is it practical? Is it personal? And is it purposeful? A practical gift is something the recipient can use right away, my favorite is a coffee mug. Everyone can use a coffee mug, fill it up with their favorite warm drink or toss in some wine and call it a day. For the personal gift it is understanding who is receiving gift, we have amazing jewelry pieces that people love or unique candle scents that when you smell them, they make you think of your best friend or an amazing memory. The last thing is, is it purposeful? A large majority of products in our store have a great story and actually give back to charities, we here are The Housewarming Project donate a portion of our proceeds to local charities so you know all gifts from us are purposeful. If you are shopping online or in the store we love to help you pick out the perfect Housewarming gift box.