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We recently started carrying Anellabees, what originally started as a mother-daughter passion project of creating the perfect hard honey candy soon became a growing family based company offering a handful of bee related products made right from their family bee farm in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. 

Growing up, I would spend the Saturday before Mothers day shopping countless amounts of flower nurseries with my mother, and grandmother. We would travel to every nursery or Amish farm within a 50 mile radius to pick out the best flowers, and grab the best seeds for both my mothers and grandmother's garden. Then on mother’s day, my mom and I would spend the morning out in the yard planting all the flowers we had bought the day before, before heading over to my grandma’s to have lunch and then plant all her flowers into the late afternoon. 

Anellabee’s company reminds me of those long Saturday’s in the nurseries, with the sun on my face, walking up & down countless aisles filled with flowers, laughing with my mom & grandma. With the sweetest packaging, and the integrity of a small family business, we are excited to add Anellabee’s seeds to any gift box. 

A few ways you can gift Anellabee’s with us:

A sympathy gift

A housewarming gift

A birthday gift 

A ‘growing’ gift (family growing, new job/opportunities, growth mindset) 

We carry the Crimson & Dutch Clover seed pack, the Edible Flower seed pack, the Pollinator Wildflower seed pack, the Vera Lavender seed pack, and the Shirley Poppy seed pack

Anellabee’s also offers Beeswax candles, raw honey, honey caramels, hard honey candy, and reusable tote bags